im cool. rams are very cool too.

Idk my life was going good i was changing for the better then…bam setback. But w/e i just want to say fuck weed and i just want toknow what happens to arya and jon. Other thN tht fuck everything

1 week ago
March 16

It sucks i hate my self i just kinda realized that or maybe im being a drama queen right now. And im a sad and lonely bastard. I dont hold on to people anymore or the past but man i cant get rid of the memories. Remembering it make and just visualizing it makes me feel so good like that feeling you get when you really like someone you feel super good and like loved and shit idk no homo this sounds all gay. I just ahhh i mias you. Or maybe i dont idk i just want someone or something like that again.

1 month ago

Daniel Sabater Salabert

SpaceX Dragon (by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)